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Success Story

Bryker Hyde is an exquisite leather goods designer that is reinventing functionality with style for trendsetters worldwide.



Bryker Hyde had been running their eCommerce store by word-of-mouth and organic reach alone.

As competition rose, it was obvious that paid social, and specifically, a strong Facebook and Instagram presence would be critical to long-term success and growth for the brand.

The goal, increase sales online.

During the management of the advertising campaigns, we also implemented strategies to grow their social media following, increase their email list by 120% and their ranking in the search results on social media.

Initial Areas of Focus

Which would be critical to their success and growth of the brand.
Landing Page Conversions

Create, Launch and Manage Multi-Product Carousel Ads.

Launch, create, and manage paid social campaigns

Set Up Highly Effective Retargeting Campaigns.

Highly Effective Facebook & Instagram Presence

Optimize for Increasing Conversion Rates.



Return on Ad Spend


Increase in Social Media Sales


Increase in Social Growth

Our Work

They trusted Chappell Capital to find and generate positive ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) with new customer acquisition methods including exploring niche audiences and markets, testing different ad mediums, and retargeting non-converters.

With all of our efforts, it collectively led to a 50% increase in reviews on their Facebook page.


Social Media Instagram/Facebook Ad Examples
Facebook Ecommerce Ads Example
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