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Royal Oak

Success Story

Royal Oak designs premier play equipment that is reintroducing the great outdoors to children across the globe.



Royal Oak had been running their eCommerce store by word-of-mouth and organic reach.

The goal, execute a giveaway that increases their email list by 100%.

We would have to pass this goal while staying within Royal Oak's budget.

As the online landscape is always changing it was very clear that paid social tied in with enhanced organic growth strategies would be critical to the growth and awareness of the brand.

Our initial areas of focus started with setting up email lead generation campaigns through highly targeted giveaways aimed towards Royal Oak's audience. This included setting up a landing page, launching social campaigns on both Facebook and Instagram.

Initial Areas of Focus

Which would be critical to their success and growth of the brand.
Landing Page Conversions

Developed NEW Landing Page

Launch, create, and manage paid social campaigns

Conversion Rate Optimization

Highly Effective Facebook & Instagram Presence

Lead Generation Campaigns



Return on Ad Spend


Increase in Email Leads


Increase in Conversions

Our Work

During the management of the social media marketing campaigns, we also implemented strategies to grow their social media engagement, increase traffic to their eCommerce store, and grow sales.

With the initiatives of our advanced paid social services and landing page development we where able to increase their email list by 340% in just 3 days while staying under budget by 25%.


Social Media Instagram/Facebook Ad Examples
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