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Success Story

ZYN22 is one of Dallas’ most awarded fitness studios with a reputation built from the praise of their clients. Over the course of almost 4 years, ZYN22 has built a community around making a positive change in the lives of its clients. With indoor cycling, HIIT, and barre classes there is a fitness home for everyone at ZYN22.



Our challenge was to spread the community as far as possible and ensure at least a 6x return on ad spend. That led us to our two main objectives. Bring new people into the studio to experience the culture, and to retain the clients who made it.

We continuously fine-tuned their paid and organic social presence by increasing the posting cadence on Facebook and Instagram, optimizing ad campaigns for maximum results, and seamlessly maintaining the brand look and feel.

The goal, grow the community.

After we dug through the nuts and bolts behind everything ZYN22 that lives on the internet, we knew every single detail was optimized to work with Facebook and Instagram. This brought new riders closer to their first class and regular clients back into the studio.

With over 12k loyal followers, three years of excellent customer service, and a product people love, we were working with a local social media beast and the results we saw were monstrous, to say the least.

Initial Areas of Focus

Which would be critical to their success and growth of the brand.
Landing Page Conversions

Landing Page Development

Launch, create, and manage paid social campaigns

Social Media Marketing

Highly Effective Facebook & Instagram Presence

Social Media Management



Return on Ad Spend


More Engagement


New Clients /mo.

Our Work

Over the course of 3 months, we created 10 unique ad campaigns. Each finding success on their own. From engaging with a giveaway post to trying a class for the first time, we were able to bring ZYN22 closer to the people of DFW.


Social Media Instagram/Facebook Ad Examples
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