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Success Story

ZYN22 is one of Dallas’ most awarded fitness studios and the newest member on our team of growing businesses. With a reputation built from the praise of their clients, there is no reason to deny this studio is on the verge of going viral. Their classes have developed over the past three years and prove to be successful time and time again. With indoor cycling, barre, and circuit HIIT classes, there’s a workout for everyone. ZYN22 simply needs to be introduced to more people.



When ZYN22 and Chappell Capital came together in the end of August, we knew we wanted to provide results as quick as possible. So, we set our sights on an event where ZYN22 was going to be featured in WFAA’s ‘Party in The Plaza’.

The event was 17 days away. That’s how much time we had to set ZYN22 up for success and drive traffic to sign up for the event.

They already had 100 shirts to give out for the event so that was our goal.

The goal, get people to the event.

With the help of vendors from all over DFW, we had enough free stuff and airtime to really attract people, but we knew starting at 6am and the potential for bad weather was working against us.

This is when the fun begins. We dug through the nuts and bolts behind everything ZYN22 that lived on the internet to make sure everything was working seamlessly with Facebook and Instagram, so users were as close as possible to claiming their free ticket to sweat.

Initial Areas of Focus

Which would be critical to their success and growth of the brand.
Landing Page Conversions

Landing Page Development

Launch, create, and manage paid social campaigns

Social Media Marketing

Highly Effective Facebook & Instagram Presence

Social Media Management


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Return on Ad Spend


Tickets Sold



Our Work

We had over 150+ people come to the event. The shirts ran out—mission accomplished. However, it doesn’t stop there. We also saw a 13.33x return on ad spend and a 967% increase in engagement compared to the average ZYN22 social media posts.


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Case Study: ZYN22 is one of Dallas’ most awarded fitness studios, and the newest member on our team of growing businesses.ZYN22
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Case Study: ZYN22 is one of Dallas’ most awarded fitness studios, and the newest member on our team of growing businesses.ZYN22
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